The infographic below demonstrates the process local governments and organizations should follow when creating and implementing resilient projects. There are six general phases that every project will go through.

1: Identifying Needs
  • Community meetings
  • Surveys
  • Social Media
  • Individual meetings
2: Identifying Funding Sources
  • Reach out to GRADD staff
  • GRADD’s Grant Opportunities Webpage
  • Kentucky Department for Local Government
3: Planning
  • Determine how to address needs
  • Make sure the project fits the objectives of the funding
  • Prioritize projects
4: Applying
  • Complete the funding application
  • Provide appropriate documentation
5: Implementation
  • Use the funds to complete projects
  • Stay in compliance with regulations
6: Administration
  • Ensure reporting is completed in the specified timeframe
  • All documentation is submitted

GRADD compiled a list of ideas and needs in line with the recovery and resiliency goals outlined in this plan. These ideas were gathered through conversations with local officials, the general public, nonprofits, and businesses. It is essential that local officials continue to expand this list through further community conversations. Additionally, a list of projects started or completed during the pandemic related to the resiliency themes and the health crisis is provided below. Counties, cities, and organizations in the GRADD region worked tirelessly to create supportive and strong economies to recover from the pandemic.

Current & Completed Projects

Western Kentucky Regional Training CenterCDBG-CV Utility AssistanceCOVID-19 RLF
CDBG-CV Recovery KentuckyWebster County parkShattered Venue Grant
Senior mealsLocal small business grantsVideo conferencing equipment
Healthy at Home Eviction ReliefOASISUnion County elevator
Vastwood ParkCommunication equipmentRestaurant outdoor seating permits

New Project Ideas

Broadband expansionTelehealth projectsPark improvements
Childcare facilitiesLow-income housingEmergency transportation
Childcare assistanceTransportation infrastructureEmergency operation centers
Water/sewer infrastructureSenior center outdoor gathering spacesCommunications upgrades
Workforce trainingMental health supportWebsite uppgrades